The Police 10 Codes – History, Usage and Listing

Using a scanner to listen to what is happening with your local emergency services can be pretty exciting. It can also be like learning a new language. With all the different “Police 10 Codes” and phrases used it’s easy to not really know what is going on. This can cause some frustration. Why do they use all these codes?

A Short History of Police 10 Codes

Back in the mid 1930′s, radio channels were more limited. It was imperative that transmissions be as short and to the point as possible. Replacing a phrase with a 10 code helped shorten transmissions. Also, because of the limited radio technology of the time, the first syllable of a transmission was usually lost, so preceding a transmission or code with the word “10″ would help prevent the loss of the first word or syllable.

Police 10 Code Usage Today

Today many departments are starting to move away from using the formal uses of the police 10 codes. Other departments use the codes, but use them incorrectly, or use their own modified version.

Police 10 Codes and their Meaning

What follows is a listing of the standardized Police 10 Codes.
Your local emergency department may, or may not use these – or they may change the meaning of a few of the codes.

10-0 Caution10-1 Reception poor

10-2 Reception good

10-3 Stop transmitting

10-4 Message received, understood

10-5 Repay message

10-6 Change channel

10-7 Out of service

10-7A Out of service, home

10-7B Out of service, personal

10-8 In service

10-9 Repeat message

10-10 Off duty

10-10A Off duty, home

10-11 Identify frequency

10-12 Visitor(s) present

10-13 Weather and road advice

10-14 Citizen w/suspect

10-15 Prisoner in custody

10-16 Pick up prisoner

10-17 Request for gasoline

10-18 Equipment exchange

10-19 Return(ing) to station

10-20 Location

10-21 Telephone

10-21A Advise home I will return at:

10-22 Disregard last assignment

10-23 Stand by

10-24 Request car-to-car transmit

10-25 Do you have contact with:

10-26 Clear

10-27 D.D.L. report

10-28 Registration request

10-29 Check for wants

10-29F Subject wanted, felony

10-29H Hazard potential from subject

10-29M Subject wanted, Misdemeanor

10-29V Vehicle wanted

10-30 Doesn’t conform to regulations

10-32 Drowning

10-33 Alarm sounding, audible

10-34 Assist at office

10-35 Time check

10-36 Confidential information

10-37 Identify operator

10-39 Can () come to the radio?

10-40 Is () available for phone call?

10-42 Check the welfare of/at:

10-43 Call a doctor10-45 Condition of patient?

10-45A Good

10-45B Serious

10-45C Critical

10-45D Dead

10-49 Proceed to:

10-50 Under influence of drugs

10-51 Drunk

10-52 Resuscitator

10-53 Man down

10-54 Possible dead body

10-55 Coroner case

10-56 Suicide

10-56A Suicide attempt

10-57 Missing person

10-59 Security check

10-60 Lock-out

10-61 Miscellaneous public service

10-62 Meet a citizen

10-62A Take a report from a citizen

10-62B Civilian standby

10-63 Prepare to copy

10-64 Found property

10-66 Suspicious person

10-67  Person calling for help

10-68 Telephone for police

10-70  Prowler

10-71 Shooting

10-72  Gun involved

10-73 How do you receive?

10-79 Bomb threat

10-80 Explosion

10-86  Any radio traffic?

10-88  Assume post

10-91 Animal

10-91A Animal, stray

10-91B Animal, noisy

10-91C Animal, injured

10-91D Animal, dead

10-91E Animal, bite

10-91G Animal, pickup

10-91J Animal, pickup collect

10-91L Animal, leash law violation

10-91V Animal, vicious

10-95 Need ID tech unit

10-97Arrived at scene

10-98 Available to assign

Click here to download a PDF version of this Police 10 Code list!

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